How does a dirt bike work?

Dirt bikes are lightweight dirt bikes that are designed for riding off road like a muddy terrain. These dirt bike designs include rough irregular tires and suspensions.

These dirt bikes are made to handle riding cross-country over rough terrain like dirt,mud and rocks. And I’m here to talk about how does a dirt bike work?

What you’ve not to wear is sandals while riding a dirt bike like you’re riding along and you hit a rock you’ve probably gonna break your toe and toes that broken hurts. The main thing about dirt bike and street bikes are that street bikes are licensed for street  but these dirt bikes have knobby tires that are designed to grip in the mud.

There’s a kickstand which got a spring on it so it holds it, so when you’re riding along it doesn’t pop back down. It does have a different handle and if you’re not familiar with the dirt bike, there’s something to know about it.

On the left side, there is a clutch and on the right side is the front brake and you got a suspension because when you’re riding, you hit a bunch of bumps, a front brake when you squeeze, the hydraulic fluid in that runs down there to a caliper. And down there, there is a front brake rotor.

And near that caliper, there is a brake shoes on it. Just like a car and it squeezes it and that’s how it stops.

On dirt bikes, there’s not lots of keys or anything, there just a kill switch and if you’re not familiar with this and if this a five kind of like, I guess you would call it a manual transmission you would end and when you start it, you would pull the clutch in and you would click a shifter which is one down and four up( in a five speed), so the first gear is the first click down now, it’s in gear and then every that’s a second, third, fourth and fifth.

And on the fifth gear, the bike probably goes 50-60miles per hour, so it doesn’t go really fast. There is an internal combustion engine. You can put regular gasoline in it and it has a five speed transmission here and inside there is a piston that goes up and down.

There’s a spark plug on the right side that creates spark , that is internal combustion engine. This is how you start a dirt bike, there’s a Kickstarter when you’re ready to start it, you make sure you’re in neutral, pull the choke up and start the bike by using kickstart.

You will notice that your engine gets started. Just next to the Kickstarter, there is back brake.

After your bike thoroughly warmed, you would pull the clutch , change the gear from neutral to 1st gear, and now slowly release the clutch and slowly accelerating the throttle, the bike starts to move.

And if you release the clutch too fast, the engine would turn off l, it’s called killing the engine If you want to stall your bike, just push the kill switch button, if you gear let it out it”ll stalk because you”ll do that a hundred times while you’re learning.

Now as that engine runs, there is a exhaust pipe where the gases come out, don’t touch that because it gets hot when you’re riding.

There’s also some safety gears you need while driving your dirt bike to prevent any damage of yours. Firstly, you would need a full face helmet that is an essential bike gear because you don’t want to break your head or your jaw when you fall off unfortunately.

A full face helmet is paramount because it protect your head, your face and your brain, without using a helmet, a crash could easily cause serious brain damage or even cost you your life. You”ll also need dirt bike boots because they offer protection for your entire foot,ankle and your lower leg.

With any dirt bike sport, your foot is in the line of fire for a lot of injuries. You”ll also need dirt bike goggles because they protect your eyes from just about all the debris that you”ll encounter while riding

Getting something in your eyes can not only severely damage your eyes for life, but also causes a crash from not being able to see.

You”ll also need dirt bike gloves because it will protect you against abrasions and burns, and help stop blisters from forming. Knee braces are also important because knee injuries are one of the most common injuries for any sport, when it comes to dirt biking, it is no different.

If you are struggling to p[ut your bike on standing position then read this article how to put a dirt bike on stand?

Elbow guards are also important because during a dirt bike crash, a rider will often put their arms out in front of them as natural reaction to try and lessen impacts on the body.

Choosing to wear dirt bike body Armor can be important too because it offers protection for a lot of your vital organs as well as your spine.

Apart from these, these dirt bikes comes in two stroke and four stroke variants. A two stroke motor is much easier to rebuild.

Rebuilding a two stroke involves removing and replacing bless moving parts than a four stroke motor whereas a four stroke motor is a complex rebuild, which includes crankshaft, piston, rings, valves, valve springs, camshaft and cam chain. Both the two stroke engine and four stroke engine works differently.

The two stroke engine is simpler. It works ok two strokes or cycles of piston. Into the combustion chamber the air fuel mix us drawn via tha transport port from the crankcase.

As the piston nears the top of the combustion chamber the spark plug ignites the compressed air fuel mix this combustion creates high pressure which forces the piston down on the second of the two strokes.

The air pressure is reduced when the piston rose during the first stroke. This draws in more air and fuel mix, in preparation for the next cycle. The two strokes are light weighted, their parts are simple.

They are easier to work and maintain due to a simplified engine setup. Because it’s engine is simple and have less parts, it is also cheaper to buy plus it has a more power output. But it has an increased fuel consumption. It’s also gives higher hydrocarbon emissions which is not good.

And the another drawback is that lubrication system is a total loss. But in the four strokes, there are couple.of strokes both in the upward and downward direction. These all strokes are named as intake stroke, the compression stroke, the combustion strike and the exhaust stroke.

In the first stroke that is the intake stroke, the fuel valves are opened to let and air-fuel mix into the combustion chamber, in the cylinder barrel, the compression stroke rises up the piston and compress the aur-fuel mixture.

This caused high pressure in the chamber and forces the piston down. The last cycle is the exhaust stroke. During this, the exhaust valves are opened to let out the burnt fuel it exhaust created from the combusted fuel.

This burned fuel is forced  out by the upward motion of the piston. The cycle keeps on going. These 4strokes are fuel efficient, more environmental friendly plus their lubrication is also cheaper and simpler.

But, it has a heavier engine, they are expensive too buy, they are complicated, and they are not so powerful.


I hope you have understood well about working of dirt bikes. How does a dirt bike work has been explained in such a way anyone can understand it easily. If you love the post share it with your friends too.

Happy riding.