How much is my dirt bike worth?

Many of you will be having many doubts about your bike, which is resting at your garage without any use like it’s a waste, or you might be interested in purchasing a new bike. You want to buy it by selling your old bike, which is present as useless stuff in your area.

Many factors consider the value of your dirt bike. To know how much is my dirt bike worth, first check what model you have, in which condition the dirt bike is, how old is it, do you have the original document and is it first hand or you bought it from another person? These are the few parameters to calculate the worth of your bike, and also, you can check on a few sites where you will get the result, like NADA, orange book, blue book, etc. 

Some of you might be very passionate about riding every new model of bike that arrives in the market; in such a view, some may be replacing their bike regularly with the new model they like.

Today in this article, I’ll help you find out your queries about the worth of your bike. It would be best if you considered many aspects which determine the value of your bike.

I will give you detailed information on every aspect. Okay, let’s move forward into the details.

How is your bike valued if you want to sell it?

There are many essential things one looks into if you want to sell it. Some of them are the model of your bike, design, condition, age of your bike etc. 

Model of your bike:

It is an important consideration that everyone sees on the bike you want to sell. The new model of your bike, the high price it is worth.

Usually, teenagers prefer to buy new model bikes even by affording high prices if the bike’s condition is suitable and regular. 

As all of you know, old age or persons of age ranging from 40 to 50 years prefer regular bikes that are usually less weighing and average in condition.

Nowadays the most handsome bikes and cute scooters are available for second hand also. Sport model bikes are more prone to damage and lousy condition; hence the type of the bike and model of the bike also relates to the price.

Age of your bike:

It is the first question that everyone asks when they hear someone talk about selling their bike.

Usually, if any bike is old, it is worthless; what I mean to say is if a bike has been used for many years, it will usually be less, and it’s common for it to be worthless. Most probably many prefer bikes which are not that old.

Condition of your bike:

If you have maintained your bike’s condition well by giving regular services and cleaning up regularly, it favours increased pricing of your bike if you want to sell it.

In other cases, if your bike is dirty with scratches, many damaged parts, etc. Others might not take it, or getting it for a low price is possible.

If you want to buy a used bike, you must check the bike’s condition by complete inspection of tyres, headlights, engine condition, any scratches, lighting from the headlights, and appropriate brake system.

So you must go for a test ride to know about all these conditions on the bike.

Under the condition of the bike following should be maintained:


The braking system should be of utmost importance as it is considered the essential thing that everyone checks for before buying a bike.

An inappropriate braking system and no smooth control make it less comfortable to the purchaser, and that bike will be of less value. Nowadays, most people commonly use drum brakes.


More scratches to your bike make it less valuable because external appearance also matters to most people.

In this external appearance, some other factors also include any paint or external modifications that you made as you like may not be liking for the person who wants to buy it. If they are in an emergency, they might buy it for even less value.

As some scratches may be deeply seated, many consider the scratches as negative feedback, ignoring it for sure.


You should change the engine’s oil regularly; if the engine has leaky oil from it, less will be the value of your bike.

Apart from engines, some others are also important, like fuel tanks and exhaust pipes. Keep them far from rusting and oil spillage.


There should be good working headlights and Indicators and a power button for the auto start of the bike with a good battery.


Tyres should be in good condition with no unevenness and signs of damage. Your bike’s tyres should not lose their grip.

You can find the buyer who test-drives your dirt bike.


Check the chains of the tyres, and there should not be any damage to them. If any damage is not seen externally and the purchaser buys it, he may fire against you for masking up the damages.

So if you want to sell your bike for a fair price, you should keep your bike in good condition with regular checking and service.

Mileage of your bike:

How many kilometres did your bike run? It is commonly said that if a bike has high mileage, that means we can run more kilometres with less fuel, and the opposite is vice versa.

It is usually not that important, but everyone asks for the mileage when you want to sell your bike.

It’s like there are benefits with high mileage and also with low mileage vehicles.

If a bike has high mileage or above average mileage, it means the bike ran sufficient kilometres, and it might be in good condition.

And also, there are chances of lousy condition. Also, It is preferred when purchasing, and it is not preferred when selling because a bike with less mileage would not have travelled for long kilometres and did not suffer wear and tear wear and tear, and it is in good condition.

There are some problems with low mileage and high mileage, so mileage is not a good factor.


If your bike has undergone any accident, then your bike will be of less value, and they may not offer a fair price for your bike.

It is also an important valuation tool for the bike if you mask up all the negative things about your bike and sell it.

In the test drive, the person who wants to buy your bike may find with the decreased performance, or he may not be satisfied with your bike, and the chances are also present that he might take the bike to a nearby mechanic shop and ask about the condition of the bike.

Finally, you may not get your bike valued more.

Owners of the bike:

You have to inquire about the bike owners; if more owners mean the bike has been handled in between many people and there are chances of more damage and decreased function of the bike due to the more usage of it or mishandling.

If the bike is in only one owner’s hands who regularly maintains the bike, the price will be more than an aggressive rider who is a teenager and rides the bike without any regulations.

So if you have a bike reach you have taken from multiple owners, it will be less valuable.


If you don’t have any needed bike evaluation documents like RC, insurance, license of yours, etc., Then your bike will be worthless, according to the purchasers.

It would help if you also had a pollution under control (PUC) certificate for your bike; with all these documents, your bike may go off for a fair price.

Be careful about all the document details that match the engine number and bike number with the details.


Regular servicing of your bike helps to maintain your bike in good condition. Anyways, this factor is less important because no one maintains a service book regularly.

But if you keep doing this to your bike, it helps to sell your bike at a fair price when you want to sell it or when you want to know how much your bike is.

So you must keep a service history of your bike to sell it for a fair price.

Sites that tell how worthy your bike 

Many sites give you automatic pricing for your bike after you enter the details of your bike, like its model, year of purchasing, and other details.

Some of them are NADA, orange book and blue book and other online price calculators, but the disadvantage is that some of these sites do not show specific details, and you need to visit the seller and inspect the bike and then decide whether to buy it or not.

These sites got good reviews from the customers as they have good customer service and immediate replies, and they even offer reasonable prices compared to private dealers.

Note:- Maximum an interested buyer looks for 3 or 4 years of the used bike after purchase according to the model and condition. If anyone wants to buy it after that, they claim for a significantly lower price.

You should firstly search for a similar model of your bike in the market and ask for the current price, and then the safest and easiest way is to go to a known mechanic shop and ask them about the approximate price that your dirt bike is worth. 


So based on all the above-given matters, I can confirm that you can assess how much your bike is worth.

I think about this article: how much is my dirt bike worth? It helped you understand how the bike is valued if you want to sell it and the best ways you need to make your bike sell for a fair price.

Thank you for reaching here, and feel free to ask any queries in the comments section below.


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