How To Kickstart a Cold Dirt Bike

In most European countries and the United States, it can be a challenging task to start a dirt bike in the winter season. Dirt bike riders face issues and have confusion, and beginners lack knowledge about how to start a dirt bike in cold weather?

If Winter hits mean you are in trouble.

All the bikers who are fond of riding and want to participate in the riding season are eagerly waiting for the whole year for this opportunity.

It is challenging for those who are passionate about riding but tackle the cold weather is something that is not so easy.

But there is a different joy and fun while riding the bike at a freezing temperature. If we talk about the dirt bike issues this season, you can expect that the cold start is one of them.

So if you have a question about how to kickstart cold at the bike, this guide may help you.

How to start a dirt bike in cold weather?

A large number of Dirt Bike is manufactured with the kick, and this is the best alternative for starting a dirt bike when there is the weather generally in winter. 

Starting a dirt bike with the help of a battery and automatic arrangement can be an arduous task if the bike is not being formed for the last few days.

So due to the arduous task for autostart, kickstartKickstart is the only way, and this works. 

By the manufacturers, it is always recommended that the dirt bike should be started after a particular duration of time. Otherwise, after that duration, autostart is tough. 

It is also recommended for kickstartKickstart for its optimum performance.

It will ensure that the battery and engine will be in working condition for a long time, so it is the best way to kick start the bike ok with using its lever. 

Now let’s understand the steps by which you can avoid the cold start situation of the dirt bike. 

If you are a beginner and don’t know how a clutch works and know if you need a new clutch, this article will surely guide you.

Provide heat to the bike up with a heat source

During the winter season, when there is a temperature below the limit, and the dirt bike riding can be fun for you, there is only one cold start, which happens due to low temperature.

You can avoid using many different steps, and one of them is to provide heat to the dirt bike using a heat source.

There may be confusion for selecting the heat source for providing heat.

There are many types of equipment that works as heaters are available in the market.

It can warm up your room, so no matter whether it has a different energy source like bulbs, coil or an air blower.

If it is enough to increase your room or garage’s temperature, it can also warm up your dirt bike.

Turn the choke and gas on

I would like to let you know that the chokeChoke is a component of the carburettor. 

In the cold weather, it’s not easier to start with an average ratio of the air-fuel mixture, but when the air-fuel combination is more than normal, it can be more accessible by pulling the choke on you increase the amount of fuel to the engine.

It enriches the air-fuel mixture for the same amount of air drawn into the engine; the quantity of oil will be more.

So inside there is less amount of air than the fuel. Actually, in the older carburettors, the implementation of Choke was done to cut off the air intake to the carburettor partly; that’s why it’s named Choke.

But now, almost all the modern carburettors have chalk which usually increases the amount of fuel using a particular sliding gate called the field in reaching the circuit.

So in the cold season, it helps the engine to start in the usual way. Hence the richer the amount of fuel richer combustion is achieved in cold weather.

Once the engine is on, it is good to turn off the shock for smooth functioning slowly.

Jostle the tank around to mix the 2 stroke gas

For the combustion of the air-fuel mixture, there should be a proper mixture of air-fuel. If the combination is not an inadequate ratio, then combustion will not be appropriate.

If the bike is not being driven for a long duration and kept without starting it, then there is a chance it will create issues to start. It would be best if you jostled your bike’s tank fr mixing it properly.

Warm up the engine with 3 to 5 slow pumps of the kick starter

Don’t just try to kick your bike and start if it is in an ideal condition for a long duration and the cold weather is running. Now for warming up the engine, you have to give 3-5 slow pumps using the Kick.

Following the above steps, it could be easier for you to start your bike just after these slow pumps. Don’t just go and kick start your bike many times; it is not advisable.

Finally, please give it a Soft Kick.

Now finally, kickstart your bike but do it softly. A soft kick is enough. You don’t need to give a strong kick. About steps have confirmed that now your bike can quickly kickstart when it is cold weather. We have done all the things which can help in freezing temperature.

Additional Tips

Do not hold the throttle down or rev for too long when the bike is warming up. It would be best to let the bike warm up for a good 10 to 15 minutes in weather below 21-25 degrees.

Go slow around on the bike whilst it is getting warmed up further. Shake your dirt bike if it is two strokes.


Winter season can trouble a dirt bike rider when he is an everyday rider, and riding is his passion. 

For beginners, it can create more issues in beginners have lack knowledge and not aware. And if the area belongs to a low-temperature atmosphere, I will suggest following our post.

You should follow the tips we have shared above. By reading the information, you can understand how to kick start a cold dirt bike, and that will help almost in any condition weather temperature is very low. I hope you like this article, so please share it and subscribe to our newsletter.