Dirt Bike Restoration : Is it Worth? [Answered]

Are you thinking of renovating your old dirt bike? It’s a wise and helpful decision to save money by not purchasing a new bike. Also, you can check your current bike’s value in the market and if it is in good condition.

Is it worth restoring an old bike? Of course, as long as its parts are available on the market, renovating a dirt bike is quite a good decision. If you rebuild your dirt bike every year, like changing wires, fixing all internal damage, and keeping it lubricated, it can extend its life.

Also, if your bike is still at the best price, you can make it look like it is for sale to get a sufficient amount. Also, it will cost you around $1500 to replace the crank, piston, cam chain, engine, cylinder head, etc. 

The brilliant idea is that a well-managed and including all parts can give you enough money with which you can buy a new one by adding a little more money.

So, keep maintaining your dirt bike; for how to do so, see today’s post. 

What do you need to do for the restoration of an old bike?

Let me tell you some tips to help renovate your old dirt bike. And also, these suggestions may consume a lot of your time, but at least they would be workable.

Furthermore, wasting your time without the proper tools is like taking an exam without a pen. Below, I’m listing those tips. Understand them and follow them strictly to do your work on time. 

Budget For Restoration

For every mechanical task, you will always need an adequate number of tools and parts. The same here will be applicable.

Do a correct calculation of whether restoring will be a good option, or it will charge you more than a new brand bike. Please list which parts you should change and how much their price is in the market.

Once you have inspected the whole budget, now collect it based on your monthly payments or daily expenses. So, this first tip is only on how you rebuild your dirt bike with a minimum budget but with good parts. 

Proper tools

Will you require a socket set of wrenches for restoration? Find out about each nut bolt and then decide which tool you will need to remove or open it up.

If you are thinking of borrowing from somewhere, you can, but make sure that the tools will surely open the bike parts.

In the same way, you can’t use a wiper to clean your clothes; you need to buy or take the proper tools to rebuild your old dirt bike. 

Gain Experience With Japanese Dirt Bikes

Try on Japanese-branded bikes, such as Yamaha and Honda, for the first time. These dirt bikes are easy to restore and also require fewer parts.

Japanese bikes’ structures are simple, which is a good option for a beginner.

Once you complete the renovation process with these dirt bikes, you can also try on more complicated dirt bikes. 

Subsequent Trial On European-Branded Bikes

As you have done with the Japanese bikes, move forward for European companies.

These dirt bikes are difficult to handle, and parts are also not readily available.

But make sure you will restore it before collecting parts and proper tools. It would be expensive and take more time. 

Buy an old running bike.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can buy a used one that is entirely okay with parts and running systems.

What benefits you will get with such dirt bikes are that you need to dress it up, no need to change the engine or internal parts, as these could be a little bit harder.

So, to gain experience, start with something small. If you buy something that is not running, you won’t find the main reason and get frustrated. 

Design or Search The Picture Of A Rebuilt Dirt Bike

Yeah, you have to do that. What kind of look do you want for your bike, color, speed, and design?

Either design it on your own or download it by searching online. This step will help you gather the equipment and tools that can turn your bike the same way. 

Take Pictures Before Restoration

To restore your dirt bike, you will remove its cover or frame, disassemble the internal parts, and connect the wires.

But, if you have no experience, you will forget which part belongs. These pictures will show the original position of the parts and are also helpful in connection. 

Labeling Parts

The next thing you can do is either label or number, like after that, this, or that.

This intelligent technique will save time and also won’t make you frustrated. Along with wires, label nut bolts which belong to whom, and put them in separate paper or plastic baggies. 

Put Down the Tank

The first part that you will remove is the tank. After putting off the tank, you can efficiently work on restoration.

Please don’t put it back until you finish the process. It will save your tank from further damage, which can happen during renovation. 

Paint the bike.

How can you give a new look to your dirt bike with just a single step? The only answer is painting. Yes, this is the primary step of restoration.

Only two parts have paint on them on any bike: the tank and frame. Painting a bike is easy; you just buy the suitable tools, colors, and dent removal sprays. 

Focus on one task.

As you rebuild your bike, make a to-do list so there will be no messing up. First, remove the tank, clean all parts, and later change damaged parts; remove rust; paint, etc.

These are the kinds of tasks you will do for restoration, but don’t do all of them together; it will create confusion and take a lot of time. 

Cover With Respirator

You must have seen people who paint vehicles wearing unique face covers or even full uniforms.

If you paint your dirt bike, cover it with a respirator to protect your skin and eyes from the harmful gases that will be released while painting the bike. 

Remove Rust

You can use any lubricant or sandpaper to see the parts. It will make the painting more accessible, and before the paint rusts, it will be helpful for the paint to stay longer.

Although color restricts rust, if you brush on the rusted material, there is no meaning. 

Empty the Tank Before Proceeding-

If the tank is complete, it may be dangerous. So, kindly empty it before starting your task.

Or the second situation is that the tank was empty but full of rust and dust due to carelessness. Use sandpaper to clean it or inside the corners.

You will need a special kind of rust remover liquid. Use it. 

Check Wire Connections

All set, but still, the bike will not start. Inspect all wire connections. You might have connected the wrong wire or something you had forgotten.

One more issue that could be possible is that the cables were producing fire or sparking. Sort it out quickly, or you may put your two-wheeler and your life in danger. 

Clean All Parts

During renovating your bike, you will produce dust and dirt on your bike. When you complete the process, clean all the parts using reasonable quality-based solutions.

Use aerosol for the tank and grease for the frame, and don’t forget to paint the rims after mounting the tires. 

Return to Extra dirt bike parts

It’s the old saying that you keep extra money for any new work. You, too, brought additional materials. Return it to the same place, and that’s one more way you can raise some funds.

Like, there are a lot of people who reuse scrap parts and sell them instead of throwing them into the dustbin. 

Do I Need Mechanics For The Restoration Of An Old Bike?

It’s not always mandatory. If you have little experience restoring your bike, you can do the same alone.

There are a few parts where you need a mechanic to fix and rebuild an engine; you will also need help from your mechanic.

Don’t take an engine just for trial; it wouldn’t be a good idea unless you know how to sort out the problems of a used engine.

In the end, if you tried hard to renovate but failed repeatedly, you can ask for help from dirt bike mechanics. There are experts and friendly people. 

How To Sell A Renovated Dirt Bike? 

When you have restored an old bike, you can sell it via many channels. The first place is Craigslist.

Anyone interested in buying used dirt bikes is constantly surfing this site. The next place you can use online marketing is Facebook marketing and eBay-like sites.

Click a perfect picture from each angle and put it on the platforms mentioned above with details. 

Note:- Restoring a dirt bike is a good idea, but before putting your hand into it, make sure the bike isn’t outdated, else there will be no meaning in transforming it into a new one. 


I think you get all the answers to whether it’s worth restoring an old bike or not. Not only that, you even crossed through procedures and ideas to do the same.

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