What is the best dirt bike brand in 2022

You can’t decide what is the best dirt bike brand until you go to its features and specification. For some reason, KTM is better and for another reason Yamaha. Let’s see in this article which one is superb. 

As always Yamaha wins the hearts of riders and it is the best dirt bike brand. Many of you want to know what is the best dirt bike brand. Let me tell you, many aspects decide which one is special. Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Beta, Husqvarna are the brands that perform outstandingly. Yamaha is known for its manufacturing, KTM for speed, Honda for overall performance and in this way you will see how these top seven motorcycles stand in a different queue. 

Hello buddy, Here you will find the best dirt bike brand list. We will tell you how to pick the excellent motorcycle and their details in brief. Read the article till the end to compare each quality, feature and specification. 

How to Select the Best Dirt Bike?

Before checking the list for the best bikes, make sure you are ready to buy them. It might happen that you won’t have enough knowledge and the seller will fool you. Below are some important and interesting factors that you should know for a better purchase. 

Check Online 

When you go online, you can check reviews of riders. They share their experience with different bike brands and also tell their pros and cons. You can note them somewhere for a comparison, which has more pros and fewer cons would be the perfect option. So, use your internet and choose your favourite motorcycle. And the customer’s review will be also helpful in knowing which could be a loss deal and it will save your time as well. Without testing, you can directly buy that bike. 

Ask The Experts

You can trust them with 100% guarantees from an expert who has enough experience with various branded or best dirt bikes. As they have ridden a great number of motorcycles, they will tell you which bike is good for you according to your skills and strength. They can also help you in finding affordable bikes, and choose the one that will be perfect for you in every aspect. 

Check your Physical Strength

Never go for the same bike which your friend picked up for him. You must know your physical strength, how much weight you can manage and what the height of the seat should be with its design and technology. Manufacturers produce dirt bikes according to different strengths, such as there are kids bikes, teenagers and adults bikes. 

Make a Budget 

Any branded dirt bike charges high, so you must decide how much you can spend on your new dream motorcycles. There are various brands with multiple models of bikes. Your expected bike with financial status will be helpful to you in searching for the best bike for you. And yes, just to fulfil your hobby, never go for a loan to buy such fast racing bikes. If you are willing to invest your savings, then only go for it. 

Top 7 best dirt bike brands:- 

Coming to the main point of this entire article is what are those brands which are standing on the top list. So, here your waiting is ending now and have a look below a list of dirt bikes with their details. 

1. Yamaha 

The biggest and the most popular Japanese brand is Yamaha. You can’t skip this from the list of best dirt bike brands. Yamaha launched its first bike in 1955 and this company is well known for creating the best copy version of other bike models. It kept working for a decade in this automobile field and launched the latest models every year. It’s a trusted bike and you must have the experience to get a ride on it. 

You choose this at the very first position, I’m saying this because there are a lot of reasons behind this statement. You might have heard that riding a bike needs strength, techniques, etc. But with Yamaha, you need to worry about it. You can purchase the low powered bikes as a beginner to gain some experience as the higher-powered engines are really heavy and give a superfast speed that’s not easy to handle. 

Riders always put it on the top because this brand has won the maximum number of prizes with its outstanding performance. And the cost is also pocket friendly. Available is a large collection with unique features and charges. 

2. KTM 

A model from KTM named KTM 450 SX-F is still the fastest dirt bike in the market. This brand is Australian based and used to develop motorcycles and cars with a partnership of Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto. The beginning of this company was quite interesting, starting from a garbage store to reaching the top list. 

Currently, KTM is winning most of the competitions and attracting customers. Most of the riders are satisfied with its performance and reliability, you can easily get its parts from the market just in case of replacement. The lightweight frame with excellent handling power makes it the fastest bike. Its look is aggressive enough to pull the attention of youngsters. 

If you talk about reviews, a dashing, fastest and lightweight dirt bike is best for bike racers. Company developers keep focusing on making lighter and high powered bikes. It has created an unforgettable name in this industry with special features and winning hearts. 

3. Kawasaki 

This brand, the Kawasaki is popular for its durability and good for both beginners & experienced. This brand is also famous for its knobby tires, punchy motors, comfortable and overall lightweight frames. If you are looking for a bike that is best for trail riding and motocross, Kawasaki would be the best option for you. 

Kawasaki is more affordable and its four-stroke capabilities are just beyond expectations. This company is the oldest one, established in the year of 1878 and today becoming a giant industry. Ninja, sports bikes, classical, touring and tasting look bikes developed by this brand. Prices are inexpensive and best for beginners for their capacity and weight. 

One more thing that makes it best is you can have the maximum number of varieties which you can’t get in any other brands. This bike is available only in one colour combination, green and white. But, still, companies need to improve a few features to make it the number one motorcycle. 

4. Husqvarna 

This company is the first one where a 300cc and 550c engine motorcycle were manufactured in 1920. As every dirt bike has some plus points and Husqvarna is well known for its powerful engines. The inexpensive parts and reliable features make it more attractive among youngsters. 

KTM is already a well-known brand that brought Husqvarna to the market and from the recent survey, this brand is the most reliable lawn mower brand in the industry. The most expensive dirt bike from this company is FC 450, costing nearly $10,000. Husqvarna stopped producing motorcycles, but KTM bought this brand and gave it a new look. From 2013, it has a new identity. 

As it has powerful engines, but also lightweight. Over time, the company is establishing its name. Popularity is increasing rapidly. 

5. Honda 

 The special point about Honda is its smoothness which you feel while riding on it. Honda is well known for its cars, but dirt bikes are made up of advanced engineering technology. This company started in 1948, but the manufacturing of motorcycles was established in the 1960s. In the earlier days, it produced small engines for bicycles. 

Usually, you need to balance the bike while stopping it. But, in the case of Honda, you just have an electric starter to start the motorcycle and also to stop. Honda bikes have a wider power band, which gives riders enough confidence to control easily. Motor power is amazing, you can ride it until the tank will dry. 

The bigger tires with a large knobby help it for a strong grip on the road or any other dirt or mud paths. 

6. Suzuki 

For some features, Suzuki got five on five and for a few specifications, it got four. That’s why Suzuki is still standing in the line of best dirt bikes. As per the customer’s review, this brand got eighty out of a hundred for its powerful acceleration, fun and style. 

Riders also like Suzuki for its low-cost maintenance and reliability. The old designed dirt bike kept performing well for years. This bike is best for those who don’t want to invest frequently. This one time is enough for a longer time and good for beginners as a lightweight motorcycle. 

Initially, Suzuki manufactured only engines, four-wheelers and from the year 1970, dirt bikes were started produced at its factories. 

7. Beta

This brand can hit the KTM with its powerful performance. Same power you can get at the mid-range while it can get at the high range in KTM. From the year of 1948, the company started developing dirt bikes for domestic uses. 

Beta dirt bikes are loved for their excellent suspension and ease to balance this bike. Beta bikes keep focusing on rideability, as it has comfortable seat height and enough power for smooth riding. Its features provide confidence to every rider. 

You can handle it with each gear, and an adjustable gearbox provides the right gear for each situation. You can use the clutch to pick up the rpm and can raise extra hits for fast riding. 


I’m guessing you have got the all top bike list. You were finding what is the best dirt bike brand and this article was its answer. You have got an idea about those excellent performing bikes in the market. If this is helpful, leave your comment in the below box.